Phoenix Cycleworks Get Building!


From November, our Bikepark will be closed.

Read on to find out why…


We’ve always taken the stance that Phoenix Cycleworks is very much a ‘work in progress’ project, especially when it comes to our bike park. Regular visitors will have noticed a steady change in the layout over the years as we try out a new line, dig it up, build another one and then scratch our heads before re-building the old feature again!

Eventually we admitted that we should probably down tools and talk to the professionals. So we called on the services Kye from Forte Trailscapes to visit Phoenix and present us with a plan to deliver the best bike park experience possible in our little corner of Suffolk! With experience in building tracks for Red Bull Quarter Master and NASS World Champion dirt courses, we’re confident that you’ll love what they’re creating.

Without giving too much away just yet, Kye, Johnny and his team will be arriving with the diggers at the start of November. Phase 1 will start with a complete remodelling of the pump track and southern site of the bike park.

With all this activity going on and heavy machinery doing its thing, we regrettably do have to close the bike park from November. The work should be completed by late February and will include a bigger pumptrack, dual slalom, additional trails, specific skills training features and children’s areas.

Although the bike park will be closed, Phoenix Cycleworks and our coffee shop will be open as usual throughout the building works this winter. So drop in for a coffee, sit back in comfort and get a sneaky look at what exciting things you’ll be able ride at Phoenix early next year!